Biography/Press Release:

Lucifer Star Machine are back with a bittersweet vengeance.

If you dig hard-hitting, heavy Rock'n'Roll like Motörhead and Zeke, no-nonsense Ramones Punk and rowdy Hardcore a la Poison Idea, you're in for a treat. Their brand of Violent Rock'n'Roll takes no prisoners and their high energy live shows cement their reputation as a true in-your-face Hardcore Rock 'n' Roll act. But it is the segueing of this wanton brutality with their sense for heartfelt and catchy melodies, reminiscent of early Misfits, that makes them truly stand out.

The 5-piece was founded in London, UK in 2002 and has since toured several times across Europe, leaving their trail like a serpent in twelve countries, sharing stages with acts like Peter Pan Speedrock, Anti-Nowhere League and Demented Are Go, to name but a few.

Lucifer Star Machine's first single, "Death Baby", came out in 2004 and was produced by Punk Rock legend Rat Scabies of The Damned. After two album releases on various indies, they signed with German label I Sold My Soul Media in 2013, who released their critically acclaimed third full length "Rock'n'Roll Martyrs". The record was lauded for its authenticity and its snotty and unadorned approach.

In 2012 founder and band leader Tor Abyss moved back to his home country of Germany, whilst the rest of the band remained in England. Over time the logistics proved to be too difficult, so he decided to give the band a fresh start.

Thus, since Autumn 2014, Lucifer Star Machine is now based in Hamburg, featuring an all-German cast; guys who share Tor's ass-kicking full throttle take on music and life. The faces have changed; but the legend remains.

Get ready for the tattooed white trash bastard sons of the Devil, with their tales about love, pain, death and religious atrocities, as they will unleash Hell upon you once more in a sweaty Rock 'n' Roll dive near you. You have been warned!


Tor Abyss (Throat), Doc Loocke (Guitars), Fritzkrieg (Guitars), Alex Low End (Bass), TJ Riot (Drums)


• 2004: Death Baby (7" Vinyl Single) Black Tongue                        • 2005: Fire In Your Hole (CD Album) Noisemaker

• 2009: Street Value Zero (CD Album/Vinyl) Nicotine/Tornado Ride       • 2013: Rock'n'Roll Martyrs (CD Album/Vinyl/Download) ISMSM

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          “One of the finest records of the year” (Über Rock, GB)         “Blasts through 12 songs without losing track” (Visions, DE)

      "As boisterous and unrestrained as a grizzly bear on crystal meth. Primed for pit-brawling" (Big Cheese, GB)       "All killer, no filler!" (Dynamite, DE)

   “A sheer joy. Thumbs up!” (Useless, DE)     "A sledgehammer for sledgehammer-masochists” (OX, DE)   “Ingeniously awesome” (RCN, DE)

   "Totally uncompromising full-throttle-streetdog-Punk'n'Roll" (Rock Hard, DE)        “Rock’n'Roll at its best!” (Street Voice, GB)

                     “Howls like a Norwegian chainsaw at full moon” (Underdog, DE)           “Merciless energy. Unforgettable and incendiary” (Ringmaster, GB)

  "Grabs the bull by the horns from the first second" (Metal Hammer, DE)     “Full-throttle. Against all trends” (AlternativMusik, DE)

                               "Excellent voice, catchy hooks and bouncing riffs. Such bands should be treasured" (Written In Music, NL)

                        "Energetic, solid Punk Rock. Lots of melody, explosive chords, well timed hooks and breaks" (Lords Of Metal, NL)

                "Fucking cool shit! Punk’n'Roll at its most brutal” (SLAM, AT)        “A must-hear for genre fans” (Legacy, Germany)

                 “Full-throttle Punk. Proper Rip’n'tear riffs” (Amboss, DE)         *This is entertaining, this is fun. The songs get stuck in your head" (Outspoken, DE)   

                                             "All energy, no filler. I can see this album being on regular rotation" (Rock Regeneration, GB)

                "Plenty of balls-to-the-wall rock'n'roll abandon and its attendent sense of danger. LSM are a force to be reckoned with." (Pure Rawk, UK)

              “More than solid. Substantial white trash” (Soulseller, Germany)          “Superb hook lines. Terrific dynamic. Hits exactly the bullseye!” (Powermetal, DE)
                                            “Pretty ace Punk’n'roll. Straighter and jauntier than the average genre band” (Plastic Bomb, DE)

                   "Fulfills all requirements. A proper energy bomb" (Musik Reviews, DE)              "Electrifying. Full of energy" (Alternative Life, PL)

                         "Low slung, screwed, blued and tattooed - incendiary Rock'n'Roll hedonism" (Vive Le Rock, GB)

                         "Songs that could become true Punk Rock classics. They manage to make an 'old genre' sound really modern" (Gaesteliste, DE)